United Relief Committee

The following is a list of current members:

United States of Amercia

  • United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters
  • Master Wan Ko Yee International Cultural Institute
  • Hua Zang Si in San Francisco
  • Sanger Mission
  • Bodhi Monastery
  • Universal Enlightenment Association
  • Pure Enlightenment Association
  • World Buddhism Perfect Enlightenment Association
  • Tibetan Buddhism Association of America
  • Temple of Good Fortune and Wisdom
  • International Bodhi Vajra Association
  • International Federation of Buddhism Associations
  • Bodhi Foundation Inc., New York
  • World Dharma Voice Inc.
  • International Bodhi Image Production
  • RITZ Foundation
  • Nectar Monastery in Washington, D.C.
  • Nectar Monastery at Asheville, NC
  • Orthodox Dharma Center in New York
  • C. J. Yao Foundation in New York
  • Authentic Dharma Monastery in New York
  • Origin International Co., Ltd.
  • Litetrek International
  • B&R Beauty Corporation
  • T.Z.Case International Corporation


  • Bodhi Way Foundation
  • Bodhi Way Association
  • Mettathum Foundation


  • Chung Hua Buddhism Yun Tsz Genn Fa Association
  • Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism Yun-tzu Cheng-Chueh Association
  • Chinese Esoteric Buddhism Right Heart International Cultural Association
  • Sea of Enlightenment Temple
  • Vast Enlightenment Association
  • Dharma Enlightenment Association
  • Zhu Yun Temple
  • Shou-Yuan Chan Si
  • Lian Fong Temple
  • Holy Dharma Charity Association.

The group and individual members from Canada, Japan, Malaysia and other places are not included in the list.